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Welcome! My Community Archives is Singapore's first free, inclusive, scalable and financially sustainable community archive based on Wikibase where residents and researchers can access archival information on our communities freely and easily.

What is a community archive?

"Community archives are archives created or accumulated, described, and/or preserved by individuals and community groups who desire to document their cultural heritage based on shared experiences, interests, and/or identities, sometimes without the traditional intervention of formally trained archivists, historians, and librarians. Instead, the engaged community members determine the scope and contents of the community archives."

- Eastwood, et.a. (2020)

Our community archives contain photographs, objects and artefacts from our friends and families in Queenstown. This collection is maintained by our fellow residents for our children and grandchildren.

Why do we collect?

We collect to give artefacts, objects and oral history interviews a home where they can be passed to future generations. We believe that residents should have ready access the archives, and so participation in the archival process must be simple and accessible, yet professional. The development and maintenance of the community archives must be collaborative to imbue a stake in the archives.

We hope that the archive will become a digital repository of our shared community stories and experiences, a vehicle for further research and appreciation of the people, places and practices which are culturally significant to our communities, and a platform to bring communities together.

About My Community

My Community is a non-profit organisation which works to capture and preserve community stories, reconnect people to places and social networks, and deepen heritage appreciation and express across the country. It also advocates for greater community involvement in cultural management and urban governance. Since its inception in 2010, My Community has spurred the growth and development of a common-man approach to heritage where everyday experiences and Singaporeans are chronicled and celebrated.

Today, My Community is supported by an army of over 1,000 volunteers who work with a nimble team of staff to organise guided tours, exhibitions, festivals and other placemaking programmes in Queenstown, Bukit Merah and Kallang-Whampoa.

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